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Beachside Beasts Weekly Fishing Contest

Fishing Contest Rules

  • Access to our Fishing Contest
    • If you want to participate in our fishing contest, you will need to stop into the ice office for a colored ice road contest pass. *Colors change weekly
    • 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will be announced before the contest on our Facebook page and posted in the ice office
    • Contest runs from Friday mornings @ 7 am until Sunday @ 5 pm. *Contest times/dates vary during holidays.
    • Prizes need to be picked up by the end of the season or they will be donated
    • Contest rules:
      • Take a photo of your fish and submit it to us at To qualify, you MUST meet all of the following criteria with no exceptions:
        • The photo of your fish, your contest and a clear measurement must be in the same photo.
      • Your photo will be disqualified if:
        • The measurement photo cannot be read (the red measurement boards that do not have a different color for the numbers on the ruler are VERY hard to read in photos)
        • The entire fish doesn’t come across in 1 photo (we will not accept 1 photo of the end of the measurement and another photo with a far away photo of the full fish. We need to see the entire fish with a readable measurement)
        • The dates of your road pass do not match the contest date
        • You use your annual pass instead of your contest pass (see the 1st bullet under access to our fishing contest)
        • The photo comes in before or after the contest start or end time (see 3rd bullet under Access to our Fishing Contest)


Now that you have the rules, tap on and send us your fish!